ABANDSOCKS is popular

We have received favorable reviews from people who use ABANDSOCKS.

In particular, people say things like, ``My body feels refreshed,'' ``I don't feel as tired after a day's work,'' ``My feet feel lighter,'' and ``My feet are warm.''

If you have back pain or knee pain, you may be able to tell us that your pain has gone away .

ABANDSOCKS are posture correcting socks that have the same effect as our "AnkleBand".

This technology is currently patent pending as it is not available in other socks.
Normalizing the arches of your feet will have a positive effect on your entire body.

We would like everyone to use it, but the S and M sizes will be sold out soon.
Once our stock runs out, the next sale will be in June, so if you are interested, please purchase as soon as possible.

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