My name is Mizunoe and I am the representative of ABAND.

As a therapist, I have been treating patients for more than 20 years, and I have heard one patient say, ``It feels better after the treatment, but it just keeps coming back.'' There were times when I received

At first I thought it was because of Ki, but then I found out that other patients had the same problem.

As I watched the patients leave after the treatment thinking, ``There might be something wrong with this,'' I realized that the more patients I heard, the more strange the way they walked and how they used their bodies. Attaches.

After that, I tried to teach them how to walk and use their bodies better, but some of them still couldn't do it well.

"If you can walk well, the arches of your feet are in good condition."

Knowing this, we prescribe taping and insoles to create an arch for those who are unable to walk.

However, taping is difficult for patients to do themselves, the insole must be placed in the shoe, and it is not effective unless it is loaded.

In order to solve such problems, we developed

"Ankle Band" .

ABAND was founded with a strong desire to create products that can bring your body into a better state on a daily basis without relying on treatments.