Takeshi Mizunoe Profile

Born on March 13, 1977 in Aichi Prefecture Representative Director of ABAND Co., Ltd. Obtained national qualification as a judo therapist in 1998 Operated "Takeshi Chiropractic Clinic" in Nagoya and "ABANDSALON" in Shibuya, Tokyo

2006 Opened "Takeshi Orthopedic Clinic" in Nagoya
2011 Experienced as an osteopathic clinic management seminar lecturer
2011 Certified instructor for small face correction by the Association (published in the reset type small face correction book)
2012 Opened beauty salon Aoi
2012 Spinal and pelvic correction seminar held
2012 Opened Takeshi Osteopathic Clinic Osu-in
2016 Takeshi Osteopathic Clinic main hospital sold
October 2018: Completed the first prototype of Takeshi-style magical ankle band
February 2019: Takeshi style magical beauty ankle band sales started
February 2020 ABAND Co., Ltd. established
Planning, development and sales of health goods such as ankle bands
April 2021 Chiropractic salon “ABAND SALON” opens in Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Uncle Band will be introduced on Chiba TV in May 2021
As of 2023, while working as a chiropractor at Takeshi Chiropractic Clinic in Nagoya and ABAND SALON in Shibuya, Tokyo, I am working to make ABAND known to the world, and sharing information on how to care for the body to improve ailments on the Youtube channel "Takeshi Sensei". , disseminate how it works.

We provide athlete care for Olympic athletes, national team players, professional fighters, etc., as well as treatment and diet guidance for patients suffering from chronic stiff shoulders, lower back pain, knee pain, etc.